We operate on the edge of possibility, where rules are broken and visions are realised.


Ideas Made Fizikalâ„¢

Ideas are important; they inspire us to push boundaries, challenge us to question established conventions and create foundations for innovation. But, ideas still need guardians. We exist to help inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses, to solve problems, realise visions and create groundbreaking opportunities. We believe that by working collaboratively we can reach places that may have previously been inaccessible.



Never Limited.

We want to create new ways of working that remove the limitations on who we work with and bring flexibility to how we do business. We offer two different approaches to engaging with us.

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Connect with us as and when you need to. We work with clients to deliver specific projects or programmes of work through traditional consulting. We can do this with either fee or retainer based remuneration.

Have a project you want to discuss, get in touch.

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Let's go on the journey together. We build partnerships with entrepreneurs and businesses for reduced fees and/or equity/royalty arrangements. This allows us to have a more strategic involvement and create the most positive effects.

To find out more about {add}ventures with us, get in touch.

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Working across, Brand, Structural Packaging, Consumer Product, Medical and Industrial.

Creating great products, innovations and experiences requires a breadth of expertise and knowledge across different fields. We tirelessly learn, hone and invest in our capability to ensure we deliver positive impact for your business.

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Using robust research methods to understand the space in which opportunities exist. We turn them into meaningful, commercially viable routes.

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Working with you to create long-term direction. Allowing teams to better utilise design within an organisation in order to deliver innovation.

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Creating, developing and delivering exceptional products and experiences that work for the user, brand, business and manufacturing processes.

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Helping you to connect the dots. Using our trusted network of partners to help you build, test, validate and ultimately produce your product.



This is how we get it done.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Our process is designed to be as flexible, iterative and collaborative as you need it to be. It all starts with a conversation; from there, the skies are the limit.


.01 // INSIGHT

Asking the big questions, framing the problems, identifying the groundbreaking opportunities.

Activities can include: Interviews, Observations, Profiles, Ethnography, Workshops.


.02 // CREATE

Using insight to power our thinking, we create innovative, meaningful and feasible design concepts.

Activities may include: Brainstorming, Sketching, Visuals, Mock-ups, Storyboards.


.03 // DEVELOP

With our engineering expertise, we take the strongest concepts and rigorously develop them ready for manufacture.

Activities include: 3D CAD, FEA, DFM, Prototyping, Testing, BOM's, UI/UX development.


.04 // EXECUTE

We work seamlessly with you and the suppliers to ensure the original vision is translated intact.

Activities may include: Sourcing, Management, Production Support, Validation, Feedback.