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“We sent a Chimney Sheep® to Fizikal Design. They “got” it immediately and pretty soon there were some new and improved designs to look at. They examined every detail and before I’d had a chance to mention the tweaks I thought were needed, they were on the phone telling me the tweaks they thought were needed. They thought of things I hadn’t. I was extremely pleased with their attention to detail.”
— Sally Phillips, Owner.


Draught excluders for chimneys.

Yep, it's a Sheep up a chimney... the fleece at least.  A simple proposition but one that needed help from us to elevate both the performance and experience had by Chimney Sheep customers. We became users of the existing product and observed others to gain the insights necessary to take the product to the next level. It became a much stronger, more effective and more efficient product.


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Closed loop development.

FEA was used extensively throughout the development phase to simulate the loads faced by the product under different scenarios, this was followed by physical prototype force tests to close the loop and feed back into the design. The result of our development was reducing the failure rate over the previous generation product to ZERO.

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Simple, effective.

During use the threaded connectors would unscrew putting unnecessary loads through the threads, ultimately causing breakage. We created a unique click system that allows the thread to be located correctly and securely. The addition of a unique design thread connector translates loads efficiently should the thread ever loosen during use. Further details were added to elevate the product; the logo was added to the clamp faces and the overall shape was softened to make it much more comfortable to handle.

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A sheep for every chimney.

The final product is elegantly simple yet robust. A range of 10 different variants accommodate almost all chimney shapes and sizes.

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