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“I have been working with Fizikal on bringing a new product to the road cycling market. The team helped walk me through the design and production process from concept to final manufacture. Everything they have done to date has been exemplary, including; the design, superb product rendering and their links to 3rd party manufacturing. I would highly recommend the services of Fizikal.”
— Dr Mark Tallon, Founder.


Aerodynamic excellence.

Flowcell approached us with an idea for a new premium bento box for cyclists. We were tasked with creating 'Aerodynamic Excellence' and that is exactly what we delivered. The result was 'Foodcell.'



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Competitive advantage.

Foodcell boasts several innovative features that separate it from the competition. The patented slider allows ultra smooth easy access whilst directing rain, dust and sweat away from the contents. The unique mount system allows easy removal for cleaning and refueling, while the strap loops and standard bottle screw fitting allow installation on almost any bicycle.

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Purpose over style.

User experience was our key focus from the initial sketches to the final product. We used CFD and functional prototypes throughout the development of the product to support early decision making, refine advanced surface details and measure performance gains. We blended the requirement for space, access, aerodynamics and aesthetic form to ensure the product worked on all levels.

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Telling the story.

ID, 3d visualisation, photography; just some of the skills that allowed Flowcell to confidently engage end users early on and feed insights back into the design. The result was full manufacturing funding and complete confidence in the product / market fit, even before any investment was made in production tooling.


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